Porcelain Crowns Pros and Cons

In the technologically advanced world of today, there is no requirement to live with the stained, damaged or missing tooth, which not just decrease your capacity ruin yourself although to chew food properly, self-confidence and picture. Porcelain dental crowns can mend affliction of tooth structure, enhance your facial appearance and also return your smile aesthetics. Porcelain is a certain type of ceramic that's fabricated by stacking and firing. Dental crowns enhance your appearance, may mend affliction of tooth structure and return your smile aesthetics. Porcelain Dental Crowns - Cosmetically, porcelain crowns are natural caps that are placed over a tooth that is damaged or decaying.

Our dental office is based in Philadelphia, PA. The crowns are fitted over the tooth surface using cement, making the tooth natural and strong looking. These metal-free restorations can be more appropriate for patients with metal allergies. It may be the treatment of choice for those who grind and clench their teeth. Additionally known as all restorations, the requirement for these crowns has increased during the last decade due to their life such as translucency, biocompatibility mechanical properties in addition to sturdiness and strength features. Types There are several types of all porcelain crowns. Feldspathic porcelain- The conventional porcelain frequently touted as the most beautiful porcelain.

These restorations are ideal in situations or in cases of severe erosion and severe dental injuries. The Empress Crown- all restorations, The glass. The InCeram Crown- Made of dense and aluminous porcelain that is tough. Advantages One of the benefits is the most cosmetically satisfying than the other types and that porcelain crowns appear far more natural. They improve your facial & smile aesthetics as well as restore tooth structure, strength, and function of your teeth. Porcelain dental crowns, when cemented correctly, can protect what's left of the tooth. They can help a dental implant to effortlessly work along with the remaining healthful tooth or hold a prosthesis or bridge firmly in place. If crafted properly, these crowns might help your upper and lower tooth to meet properly and therefore maintain a proper, balanced bite. Most significantly, also the problem of a dark line at also the edge of also the gingiva, a common problem with metal fused crowns, is eliminated. With the use of advanced processing technologies such as hot pressing and CAD/CAM, combined with the development of robust porcelain materials and recent innovations in adhesives, ceramic dental crowns produce more visually pleasing results than metal fused dental crowns.

If you have any queries related to cosmetic dentistry treatment, feel free to consult our Cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

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Sara Petrosky

I love this office. Dr. Rostami is phenomenal. She listens to my concerns, gives great advice, and is technically sound when doing procedures. The office is so relaxing I feel like I am at a spa. The staff is fabulous too and the never forget a smile.

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Love Dr. Rostami!! Hands down the best I never have to worry about pain or my fear of Dentist again!! Great staff also very personable & friendly!! I recommend them to everyone!!

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I never thought I'd use "love" and "dentist" in the same sentence. Finally, a dentistry practice I trust! Dr. Maryam and her team are fantastic and so friendly. They are professional and took the time to sit with me and explain all the ins and outs of the procedures I was scheduled for. I highly recommend this practice.

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LOVE Dr. Rostami! She made getting my root canal a pleasant experience!!(yes, sounds crazy, but really true! It was not bad at all!). I highly recommend her and her whole practice!

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Dr. Rostami went above and beyond to help me get a nice smile. she is very gentle and compassionate. I visited her office for a gummy smile consult. she explained to me procedure step by step in details. I couldn't have been happier with final result. I highly recommend this office.

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